Catch The Wind

I’ve never been here before

It’s so exciting and so frightening at the same time

But I feel your peace upon me calming my soul


You’ve given me eyes to see

So far and so clear into this wonderland

I must be dreaming your dreams

I’m just believing for even greater things than these


Lift me up higher, I want to soar

On wings of worship

Push me out further toward the horizon

I am spreading out without a doubt

Taking risks so I won’t miss a thing

I’m gonna catch the wind


Trusting isn’t easy

When my own two feet aren’t firm beneath me

I’m leaning on you, hold me


And just when I found my home

The seasons are changing and I am flying through

Open the windows, unlock the doors

I’m ready for you to show me more


Here I go again, don’t know where I’m headed

But I’m following the wind

My heart beats faster the further I fly

Fear is left behind me

Cause I’m following the wind

Faith comes by believing not looking for a sign

All I need is you and me

Let’s take this flight