The Healing River

Broken I came to the healing river

That flowed beneath the temple

Running out to greet this mystery

I found myself falling in


The water came up to my ankles

The water came up to my knees

The water came up to my belly

Until the river could not be crossed anymore


Let it flow, flow, flow into the deep places

And let it run, run, run, into the valleys

And let it wash, wash, wash away all of my sin

Until life is the story that is told


Fighting for air underneath my assurances

Fight the will to be freed from my skin

Surrender a breath to the deep, deep waters

It’s sinking in, it’s sinking in, it’s sinking in


The river that once flowed in front of me

Could not be found there anymore

It found it’s way deep down inside of me

And poured forth healing to the nations of the world